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About Us

The mission of Allegheny Inspections is simple: become the nation’s leader in field services by providing our clients with quality inspections to ensure minimal risk at a fair price.

Allegheny Inspections was formed in 2008 as a provider of physical and telephone survey inspection services for the insurance underwriting industry. We offer a network of more than 200 inspectors across the United States, cutting-edge technology, and quality that surpasses the rest. Our inspectors are extensively trained and coached to report accurate information and to interact with the policy holder with respect and dignity. Our goal is to maintain a professional working relationship between the policy holder, agent, and underwriter; for repeat business. Our Quality Assurance department reviews all inspections in the office to ensure the accuracy and integrity of each report.

Current marketplace strategy is to grow through positive interaction between current clients & prospective clients, inspectors & insureds, and staff & community. We aim to provide a quality product and long-lasting relationship that inspires current clients to share the success of our business partnership with other possible new client prospects. The future marketplace strategy is to expand our market share by enhancing current marketplace strategy through continuous innovation and improvement, to evaluate real and future market gaps existing in the current industry market, and to maintain superb quality and service to our existing clients while planning for constant and efficient growth.

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