Inspector/ Field Ops

Our Team of highly trained professionals work diligently to produce quality reports specified to any and all needs. From the field inspectors across the nation to our corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania, each inspection is handled delicately and thoroughly. Adjustments can always be made by the insured, supplements can always be added at the request of the underwriter, but our service will continue to remain the same. . .exquisite.

Visit our "Inspector Requirements" page to review what it takes to join our team of professionals nation wide as an Allegheny Inspections Inspector.


Allegheny Inspections, LLC is looking for self-motivated individuals who are highly organized and great communicators to complete commercial property and residential inspections. The following skills and items are required:

• High Speed Internet

• Digital Camera

• Telephone Communications

• Building Construction Classification Knowledge

• Excellent Communication Skills

• Excellent Customer Service Skills

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Upon receipt of your application and resume our Inspector Resources Department will review your qualifications and coverage area and contact you if there is a need for new inspectors in your area. Once selected you will begin our "3-Step Hiring and Training Process"


Allegheny Inspections, LLC, a commercial property inspection company, uses a three-step hiring process for our inspectors:

Step 1: An interview with be conducted with our Inspector Resources Representative. If the applicant meets our requirements, required employment paperwork is emailed to the applicant to be completed and returned.

Step 2: Training and information materials are emailed to the inspector for their review. This includes general inspection requirements, information on our online inspection platform, the ISO construction classifications, and other important information our inspectors will find useful.

Step 3: The applicant will be contacted to schedule a Training Webinar, conducted by the Inspector Resources Representative. During this webinar, an inspection report will be reviewed and explained so the inspector has a full and complete understanding of the information our clients need to see in their reports. The applicant will also see a walk-through of our completely online system.

When all steps have been completed, the applicant will be eligible to begin completing inspections for Allegheny Inspections as our newest field inspector! Help is always provided to our field inspectors, especially through the first several reports, until the inspector is completely comfortable with the process. Our Quality Assurance Department in coordination with our Inspector Resources Department will communicate both positive feedback and areas of opportunity for improvement, as we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality inspections to ensure minimal risk.

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