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Allegheny Inspections is more than a provider, we're your protector. Our inspectors are the footprint of this company, their high level of service and lasting impressions build the success of your satisfaction. As new inspectors join our team they're mandated to complete training sessions online in a step-by-step formatted webinar. The home office then keeps track of day-to-day management of progress and productivity as well as field monitoring and mentoring.

Range and Coverage to us?... is willingness. We provide inspectors nation wide and will accommodate our customers by adjusting to work volume in superior time even for custom reports. Our duty as a business partner is providing assessments of risk from multiple points of view. Underwriters aren't always provided with a clear picture of what they're binding for coverage, and we'll not only be the eyes and the ears for these underwriters, we'll be their helping hands as well.

Reports Currently Allegheny Inspections utilizes an online, cloud-based, inspection management system (IMS). The IMS allows for client companies to order inspections online or via email document. Our inspectors use the system to complete inspection documents, upload photos (when required) and submit completed inspections to our Quality Assurance department for review and final approval of submission to the client company. Upon Quality Assurance approval, the completed document is sent as an Adobe .PDF file to a designated email address provided by the client company. The submission email is formatted to be recognized and read by imaging systems. This allows for a streamline from our system to the client company’s system with no human interaction. The inspectors utilize our online inspection management system (IMS) to receive work orders, communicate status updates and request assistance while in the filed. Through use of the IMS inspectors have the ability to streamline inspection data to the system via portable devices such as tablets, notebook computers, and smartphones.

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Personal Lines
  • Homeowners
  • Residential Replacement Cost
  • High Value
  • Exterior Observation/Occupancy
  • Auto
Commercial Lines
  • New Business
  • Commercial Underwriting
  • Loss Control
  • Auto/Commercial Fleet
  • High Value
Telephone Surveys/Audits
  • Contractor Liability
  • Commercial Fleet
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Business Income
  • Premium Audits