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Allegheny is equipped to handle a variety of commercial property surveys to identify potential problems before they become liabilities or claims. Our reports are easily customized to cater to the specific needs of the client. We offer underwriting supplemental reports for liability sales, payroll, swimming pool, owner/contractor protective, motor truck cargo, commercial kitchen, liquor sales, plaza/strip mall, job site, and more. Our goal is to provide you with all the details you need to make an accurate assessment of coverage so their is minimal risk of loss on each individual policy. In today's market this kind of risk management is essential to achieving the best possible loss ratio for your company.

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A. New Business

No one knows the business better than the insured and our ability to effectively communicate with the insured is what sets us apart. It could be a general contractor on the phone for an inspection or the manager of a hotel meeting a field inspector in San Antonio, regardless of location and method of the inspection; we get down to the very last detail of how customers operate.

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B. Commercial Underwriting

Allegheny Inspections delivers the high level of quality on inspections to ensure the underwriter has the most adequate information available for the coverage they've bound. The underwriters look separately at relationships that businesses render with other potential businesses or customers, and bind coverage accordingly. Potential losses and gains are monitored closely and these policies are rated on impact of future business opportunintes. Our inspections make these decisions clearer for underwriters and our efforts are merely for the satisfaction of our clients.

C. Loss Control

The best way to control losses is to prevent them before they even happen. With the support of our cutting-edge technology, our systems and staff provide exceptional evaluations and solutions. The speed and ability to identify and react to internal or external activity is constantly on the minds of insurance industry executives. By addressing strategic methods and taking action our loss control services offer more than just answers, we offer solutions. Loss control is a safety program, and safety never takes a holiday.


D. High-Value

In the commercial policy world often specific equipment or merchandise are put on a separate policy. We at Allegheny will customize our reports to the specific need of each policy so that we can gather the information you need to know about exactly what is being insured.

E. Auto / Commercial Fleet

Our field inspectors are efficient in gathering information on the vehicles, drivers, and even the storage of the vehicles if needed.