Telephone Surveys and Audits

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Our Liability Services Department is optimized with national coverage to gather detailed information from the policy holder at a fraction of the cost of a site inspection. This is an efficient and cost effective way to determine the financial information needed to configure your most accurate premium rating basis. Our telephone surveys are often used to as a guide to determine when more extensive inspections are required.

A. Contractor Liability

Since each business is unique our phone surveys ask questions designed to get an accurate understanding of what the business does, how it operates, who is invested in the company.

B. Commercial Fleet

Our inspectors are trained to gather all the necessary information on motor/truck cargo inspections such as specifics on the motor trucks themselves, what is being transported in those trucks, and which states they are going to with their cargo.

C. Workers Compensation

We are able to conduct a worker's compensation premium audit where we gather payroll and employee information for underwriters looking to make adjustments to the rating basis of the policy.

D. Business Income

Allegheny Inspections telephone surveys are never one-dimensional. Along with elementary questions of operations and income, sometimes our reports include instructions to inquire about money going out of the business as well. The telephone auditors understand that the insured needs to be comfortable giving out information regarding their business and we make sure they are. Our phone inspectors are friendly, respectful, and tactful, which puts the insured at ease and makes information gathering most effective.

E. Premium Audits

Our premium audits serve to identify actual exposures and make sure that they are properly classified according to regulations. The quality, detail, diversity, and depth of our audits will give you all the information you need on the business being insured.